I don't know what has changed so much in billions of years. Maybe evolution is more complicated than we think we know. The value of a tear is outweighed by superficial sympathy and your happiness is just a wave of pretendence ever since, which unknowingly looked so real that you failed to recognise the fraud. [...]


Escape Plans

"What do you plan to do today?" I converse with myself at times. "I don't know" That's the answer for most of the questions. "I want to travel with the waves" I am afraid of water "I want to escape" I really hope I am dreaming. "Do you know my escape plan?" I am not [...]

The Forgiven Sins

From the claws of fire- to destroy the liars, And the arms of feather- hard enough to chop off the traitors, To the fins for the sea- to measure into the deep, Resting inside the waters created by thee. I can control the controllers and prey on the killers. I can define your stars and [...]