Promise Me A Home

Walking down a street, Besides the concrete jungle, On the unnoticed green. Looking into the the blues,  I am thinking if I am there; Where I was meant to be. Passing by the grey town-city, I think about what I shall become; As I grow older. Noticing suddenly its pitch black; I realise I am [...]


The Forgiven Sins

From the claws of fire- to destroy the liars, And the arms of feather- hard enough to chop off the traitors, To the fins for the sea- to measure into the deep, Resting inside the waters created by thee. I can control the controllers and prey on the killers. I can define your stars and [...]

The hazy yet beautiful sight of a foggy winter night.. A melodious music is playing by the fireside; The wind is gently swaying the wooden swings; There is a smoking combination food and drinks lying around the table; My jolly mates are having a rambling conversation; The night is illuminated by the glowing faces and [...]


Just another insignificant day, She was waiting for her junior to get back home, The school bus was late by an hour or so, But the wait was long enough to trouble the soul. His arrival was like a dream come true, Imagine what our mind can make us feel and do; The day was [...]