From a crinkled carpet of city lights, rose the pinks of the blushing sun while he slyly hid, millions of miles away. I wish I could tell you a life-sized tale for there is yet a lot left to contemplate I am trying hard but this is as far as I can go;  The setting [...]


The Thick Summer Blanket

The wintry winds felt warm and comfortable but unmistakably steady to remind him what they were capable of. Yet he sang to the up roaring beat they composed while hitting his mountains and flooding his rivers. They brought the clouds of rain to wrap the three-colored rainbow- the sunrise, the sunset and the blues in-between. [...]

For a moment

For not all things can be captured in the memory, so we made photographs; A store for all the voiceless laughter and the tender glances of the divine which pass right through those purple skies; And how the sunlight silently falls for the burnt amber eyes, while the shadows of the curled lashes stand amidst [...]

Story of my life fits in a page

"...For the thirteenth time today, I told myself I don't need a life of glory Or places to travel to in search of a home I never had and the pieces of my heart I never lost, Or swallow mouth watering food with taste buds as dead as a dodo burnt from the periodical short [...]

A Void Space

There is something I know and I think you do too. Its 5 a.m in the morning. Your eyes blink tirelessly figuring whether you slept at all; With a sudden jerk you lift your head up just to stare into the off-white walls slightly showing the smudge of grey hands here and there. Your feet [...]