About Me

Special Greetings,


This page is specially created so that you can know more about me and my writings. This is just because I feel we can understand better when we connect more to the writer. So here it is!

I am Sanjana Laddha from India. I am seventeen years old and I study in grade 12. I love to explore new places and make friends. Sketching, Painting, Dancing, Reading and Writing are my assets and that is one of the reasons why I enjoy making blogs. I love things that I dread the most,like sky diving. (except insects, they get on my nerves! )

So this is a little about me. You will find out more when you go through my posts. I hope you enjoy reading.

You can contact me through email from the next page. Any suggestions and comments from your side are welcome.

Your support is precious 🙂

Thank you!

My favorite lines

 I’ve spoken to the president of the universe. She told me to tell you there are no rules.