The hazy yet beautiful sight of a foggy winter night..

A melodious music is playing by the fireside;

The wind is gently swaying the wooden swings;

There is a smoking combination food and drinks lying around the table;

My jolly mates are having a rambling conversation;

The night is illuminated by the glowing faces and their cheers sound as if making a symphony.

While I am sitting here just as casually as the rest, except –

My feet don’t tap to the same songs anymore,

Neither the air soothes me nor the swings call me for a ride,

I smell the delicacies but I lost my appetite long back,

The chattering is audible but the words are unfamiliar,

As unnoticed as an owl in the dark, I am sitting here with burning eyes and a smile,

And a smile? Its as unreal as the hope of survival in a sea storm.

No, I did not die;

I am just not here.

~ Sanjana S. Laddha

You are there, but you are not there. How long have you been away from yourself? Let me know it 🙂