The six strings

Because who doesn’t love music?


The hazy yet beautiful sight of a foggy winter night..

A melodious music is playing by the fireside;

The wind is gently swaying the wooden swings;

There is a smoking combination food and drinks lying around the table;

My jolly mates are having a rambling conversation;

The night is illuminated by the glowing faces and their cheers sound as if making a symphony.

While I am sitting here just as casually as the rest, except –

My feet don’t tap to the same songs anymore,

Neither the air soothes me nor the swings call me for a ride,

I smell the delicacies but I lost my appetite long back,

The chattering is audible but the words are unfamiliar,

As unnoticed as an owl in the dark, I am sitting here with burning eyes and a smile,

And a smile? Its as unreal as the hope of survival in a sea storm.

No, I did not die;

I am just not here.

~ Sanjana S. Laddha

You are there, but you are not there. How long have you been away from yourself? Let me know it 🙂



Just another insignificant day,

She was waiting for her junior to get back home,

The school bus was late by an hour or so,

But the wait was long enough to trouble the soul.

His arrival was like a dream come true,

Imagine what our mind can make us feel and do;

The day was turning into night,

Junior was put to bed;

His dad was not home yet.

It was two hours past the usual time.

And perhaps it was the plot of the devil against the fearful little heart;

Time was getting heavier with every tick of the clock,

There were terrible thoughts while eyes were on the window.

“I have only learnt to wait all my life”

Still waiting.. her eyes chose to sleep.

What happens after she wakes up..

Or does she, at all, ever wake up?

~Sanjana S. Laddha

What happens after we all wake up from a bad dream, a hard time or an everlasting wait? Are you willing to start again?

Because it’s never too late.

Sanjana S. Laddha