Melting Flames

In the hurricane of thousand fears, days of sour loneliness, and fate’s unjust battleground,

You knew you were still so understated and unrenowned.

Inspite of working hard you weren’t fortunate to ride the life’s ‘merrygoround.

I am sure you realised its not a fairground?

But did you break down?
If so,

I will accompany you to places where there is no one around,

The most necessitous places where you want them to be found.

Do you want to scream but you can’t make a sound?

From crumpled dreams to trembling of your ground,

I will put you back together starting from where you had fallen and willingly drowned.

With the similar thoughts,

Ice can’t melt all by itself to become the sea;

And so for your frozen spirit my friend.. I will burn to be the flames.

~Sanjana S. Laddha

There is a storm in you; There is a war in you;

And then there is a victim in you, looking for an escape from the two.

Sanjana S. Laddha


Two-shaded Mind

I was walking down a darkish grey lane which seemed to end at a distance,

I might have killed a man or two as I strolled by;

I am not sure if they noticed my smile was red, redder than the danger light.

I tried not to be harsh on them but oh dear lord, why is hatred so easy and love so hard?

I set out again; It was dusky and paler than before;

I heard footsteps behind me, slowing down as they came closer;

I made an attempt to figure out if it was a friend or a foe? Its harder to guess these days.

I started to stride ahead without taking a note of what was behind me, but soon I reached the finish.

I knew I had to turn back again.

I saw blankspace;It was just me, the sound of breeze,moonlight and my mental imagery.

I smiled, a dark blue smile this time.

“I told you..”, my mind said, ” ..All I ever wanted was peace.”

~Sanjana S. Laddha

The world is full of bright faces with shady minds.

~Sanjana S. Laddha


Looking so delicate on the surface,

Even with a heavy heart inside.

Spreading dazzling colours outdoors,

Even while its pitch black inside.

Dancing radiantly in the rain outside,

Even while its raining deep, dark inside..

~ Sanjana Laddha.

The secret of beautiful things lies under cover.

~Sanjana Laddha.