Your eyes saw this land when they first came to life;

Your nose smelled the fragrance of this sand for the first time;

Your first cry arouse the spirits in the eyes of the villagers by your side;

You took your first steps by gaining the strength from the winds, which once blew gayly in this sunshine;

And then, inch by inch you grew my friend, nurtured in a completely different human race.

But the day you return to this town you once left;

Your soul will find peace even between the chaos of life;

You will dream unconfined even in the prison of your mind;

You will breath like you never lived before and you will sleep like you are the only one left in the world;

You will find your oldmates in the trees and in the birds, chirping to you the song you always sung.

Forgotten roads will lead you to familiar places,

And this place, my friend, will be the only place where you won’t face people but your own life- straight.

And that’s a promise.

~Sanjana Laddha

A piece of you is always left in the place where you belong. You might travel the whole world; but you’ll always find yourself there- in your hometown.

Sanjana Laddha

Have a wonderful day 🙂