Silent Screams

Dancing to the rhythm of rain;

And singing with the salty beach waves..

She was mending the torn parts of that same tiny doll,

Hoping to see her dance sky-high again..

In the darkness of the bright flames.


Slowly stitching everything together,

And slowly bringing her back to life..

She saw the marks from her past strains,

Knowing that she would never be the same again..

In the darkness of the bright flames.


And as she was put together wholly,

She was no more of that angel in the white dress..

The girl could see the pretty face of a devil,

Playing wildly the sound of a knell..

In the darkness of the bright flames.


Scared of the sudden change,

She dropped her far away..

And if you happen to pass by that deserted house,

You would hear the Silent Screams,

Of the girl and her doll trying to fight their battle alone..


And I am sure you wouldn’t be sleeping that night..

In the darkness of the bright flame.


~Sanjana Laddha (Self Written)



People are afraid of sudden changes and loneliness and slowly it makes them scary as well. ~Sanjana Laddha ( All copyrights reserved)

* Just for deep understanding of the poem.. The pronoun “she” and “her” are used for the girl and the doll both so as to show a direct relation between them and their emotions throughout the poem.