The Versatile Award

Thank you so much to the wonderful blogger @allylmare for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Its a great pleasure.


■Show the award on your blog
■Thank the person/people who nominated you                               

■Share 7 things about yourself.

■Nominate 10 blogs (Up to you on the maximum)

My nominations :-

I want to nominate all my favourite blogs but apologies to everyone because I am too bad at tagging the blogs and I am trying to figure how to do it properly.

Seven Things About Me

  • Well, I love sketching and dancing along with writing.
  • I can’t cook. I am not proud of it but can’t help it anyway!
  • Unlike most of the people, I love studying equally. Call me nerdish but thats not what I am.
  • I am a passionate explorer and I plan to travel the world.
  • I believe in superpowers and all the wild crazy movie stuff.
  • For me, Food = Pizza!
  • I dont know myself good enough even to write seven little things 😛

    Thank you for reading it so far.. My Best Wishes to Everyone!


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