Choose My Last Wish

Do you wanna sing for me, the melody which we are fond of?

Or do you wanna dance with me till we paint the town?

Do you wanna lie down with me on the fresh green grass;

And chase the falling stars till we feel the morning dew on the grass?


Do you wanna visit places where we had found our hearts?

Or do you wanna discover destinations to mesmerize us for the last?

Do you wanna get drenched in the lively tears of the sky;

And then heat each other by lovely warm talks, getting lost into the sky?


Do you wanna ride in the delights of my life?

Or do you wanna crawl to the dark secrets of my past?

Do you wanna travel into the world of my thoughts;

And pinch me with excitement because we share similar thoughts?


Choose what you wanna do along with me, my friend;

Hurry up because the last hour of my life’s clock is about to end.


~Sanjana Laddha


Not everything in life has a right time;

Do the things you want till you have time,

So that you don’t regret and realize it in the end;

Because what is important is “time” and not “right time”

~Sanjana Laddha


Because, It Ends This Way

I was happy;

Then I wanted some toys;

And then a school bag;

Later a book and then a new dress.

I was happy;

Then I wanted a cell phone;

And then a laptop;

Later a new bike and then a guitar.

I was happy;

Then I wanted some cool friends;

And then a dream job;

Later a promotion and a brand new car.

And now that I have everything;

I still want more;

I want a more of myself;

And then more of real pleasure;

Later a true satisfaction and then a peaceful end.

~ Sanjana Laddha

Some people realize this fact of life when its too late; So now that we know it, we should live for it. In the crowd of materialistic wants, we forget the real happiness in immaterialistic feelings.

~Sanjana Laddha

Never? Never Ever.

No matter what feelings you exchange;

Some people will always complain.

You might get heartbroken and feel sadly strange;

But the truth is, Some people never change.


They will try to make you bend;

You will reach your life’s dead end,

But try to see the unseen turns of life my friend;

Because some stories never end.


You will recollect the words you said;

Along with the people who stayed or betrayed.

Sometime paused, Sometime replayed,

Because some memories never fade


Tortured and threatened till you die;

Loved ones will wave a good-bye;

But no matter how much they try,

Some people never cry.


You will be sick, tired and drained,

Hoping to end your tragic life, my friend;

Your cuts and burns-Time will mend;

Because some roads never end.


~ Sanjana Laddha

Because no matter how much we try somethings don’t have an end; And its good the way it is.

~Sanjana Laddha 

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Silent Whisper

Do you wanna see me laugh?

Like a lovely golden calf;


Do you wanna see me cry?

Like the grass, yellow and dry;


Do you wanna make me smile?

Like a butterfly, vibrant and fragile;


Do you wanna make me frown?

Like a ship about to drown;


Do you think I shall stay;

Or just walk away?

Do you think I shall wait;

Or just leave it up to fate?


I can show you drowning people,

I can show you thirsty eyes;

I can show you nasty truths,

Hidden in adorable lies.


I can show you Gloomy Laughter,

I can show you Dark Smiles;

I can show you Angry Tears,

Forever if you like.


That is what life whispered.


Sanjana Laddha.



In the commotion of heap of words we forget to hear what life whispers. 

~ Sanjana Laddha

Blissful Endings

She thought;

Whether good or bad, everything has an end.

She was so close to her fantasy ending but things didn’t work out the same.

Poor child failed to notice a new beginning in every end;


Blissful Endings don’t take place even in books nowadays;

So what can be expected from reality anyways?

..And now, she knows it.

~ Sanjana Laddha

Can you name a person who doesn’t want a happy end? I bet you can; because now you know it yourself. ~Sanjana Laddha


Away from civilisation, hidden in the woods.

Too scared to come forth; Unwilling to smell humans.

No social connection, No emotional distress.

He stays alone but he isn’t a loner;

He is a family to himself; Not only a supporter, a care taker and a lover but also his own deity.

He has a world, bordered by dark walls which no human can climb; He is the king with his own principles and that is for real.

Knock on his door and he will knock you off;

No, it isn’t his fault. Unpleasant changes made him so.

He is neither an animal nor a beast.. I will call him an extreme “Misanthropist.”

~ Sanjana Laddha

Misanthropist is someone who dislikes humanity and avoids socialising with people.We all, once in a while, become misanthropic.

~Sanjana Laddha

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Fear Dear

It is okay if you cant conquer all your fears;

Because some fears are worth keeping.

If you don’t fear anything in this world;

You are probably not from this world☆

~ Sanjana Laddha

Some fears aren’t worth conquering ~Sanjana Laddha

Halcyon Days

I stretch on the floor and wake up with a smile;

The sun makes me merry and the clouds make me fly.

The breeze is refreshing and the soil smells nice;

I have nothing to do but I still feel gleeful the whole day and the whole night.

The day is for fishing, dancing and swimming; 

The night is for laughing, loving and singing.

And then comes the slumber time- peaceful and dreamy;

The moon kisses me a good night and the birds sing me a lullaby.

I still wake up with these memories of my palmy days,

I prefer calling them- “My Halcyon Days..”

~Sanjana Laddha

“Memories are our chamber of secrets”

~Sanjana Laddha


Three people loaded their rifles and fired on their respective aim.

The outcomes of the same action were contrasting :- The first one was declared as a sinner and the second one as a winner. To be honest, The third one made no difference.

This portrays that.. Intentions of a person matter more than his actions


The first person was an anarchist, the second one was an Olympic Shooter and the third one was just having fun playing his video game.

We have three choices : Either to play a negative role or to do some praiseworthy good, for ourselves and for everyone else or to make no difference at all.

~Sanjana Laddha

Non-violence is tougher than any violence. Keeping patience is more challenging than showing aggression.  ~Sanjana Laddha