Choose My Last Wish

Do you wanna sing for me, the melody which we are fond of? Or do you wanna dance with me till we paint the town? Do you wanna lie down with me on the fresh green grass; And chase the falling stars till we feel the morning dew on the grass?   Do you wanna [...]


Because, It Ends This Way

I was happy; Then I wanted some toys; And then a school bag; Later a book and then a new dress. I was happy; Then I wanted a cell phone; And then a laptop; Later a new bike and then a guitar. I was happy; Then I wanted some cool friends; And then a dream [...]

Never? Never Ever.

No matter what feelings you exchange; Some people will always complain. You might get heartbroken and feel sadly strange; But the truth is, Some people never change.   They will try to make you bend; You will reach your life's dead end, But try to see the unseen turns of life my friend; Because some [...]

Silent Whisper

Do you wanna see me laugh? Like a lovely golden calf; Or Do you wanna see me cry? Like the grass, yellow and dry;   Do you wanna make me smile? Like a butterfly, vibrant and fragile; Or Do you wanna make me frown? Like a ship about to drown;   Do you think I [...]

Blissful Endings

She thought; Whether good or bad, everything has an end. She was so close to her fantasy ending but things didn't work out the same. Poor child failed to notice a new beginning in every end; Furthermore, Blissful Endings don't take place even in books nowadays; So what can be expected from reality anyways? ..And [...]


Away from civilisation, hidden in the woods. Too scared to come forth; Unwilling to smell humans. No social connection, No emotional distress. He stays alone but he isn't a loner; He is a family to himself; Not only a supporter, a care taker and a lover but also his own deity. He has a world, [...]