Melting Flames

In the hurricane of thousand fears, days of sour loneliness, and fate’s unjust battleground,

You knew you were still so understated and unrenowned.

Inspite of working hard you weren’t fortunate to ride the life’s ‘merrygoround.

I am sure you realised its not a fairground?

But did you break down?
If so,

I will accompany you to places where there is no one around,

The most necessitous places where you want them to be found.

Do you want to scream but you can’t make a sound?

From crumpled dreams to trembling of your ground,

I will put you back together starting from where you had fallen and willingly drowned.

With the similar thoughts,

Ice can’t melt all by itself to become the sea;

And so for your frozen spirit my friend.. I will burn to be the flames.

~Sanjana S. Laddha

There is a storm in you; There is a war in you;

And then there is a victim in you, looking for an escape from the two.

Sanjana S. Laddha

Two-shaded Mind

I was walking down a darkish grey lane which seemed to end at a distance,

I might have killed a man or two as I strolled by;

I am not sure if they noticed my smile was red, redder than the danger light.

I tried not to be harsh on them but oh dear lord, why is hatred so easy and love so hard?

I set out again; It was dusky and paler than before;

I heard footsteps behind me, slowing down as they came closer;

I made an attempt to figure out if it was a friend or a foe? Its harder to guess these days.

I started to stride ahead without taking a note of what was behind me, but soon I reached the finish.

I knew I had to turn back again.

I saw blankspace;It was just me, the sound of breeze,moonlight and my mental imagery.

I smiled, a dark blue smile this time.

“I told you..”, my mind said, ” ..All I ever wanted was peace.”

~Sanjana S. Laddha

The world is full of bright faces with shady minds.

~Sanjana S. Laddha


Looking so delicate on the surface,

Even with a heavy heart inside.

Spreading dazzling colours outdoors,

Even while its pitch black inside.

Dancing radiantly in the rain outside,

Even while its raining deep, dark inside..

~ Sanjana Laddha.

The secret of beautiful things lies under cover.

~Sanjana Laddha.

Darker Side Of Light

In the darkest of days, shines a light,

Which is darker than the darkness and conquers all mights.

It shows you pipe dreams- devouring and spellbinding but,

Remember- the world looks brighter only from the outside.

If you follow this beam you “considered” divine,

You will end up in a dusk, darker than night;

Which might seem impossible at the first sight,

Till you are awoken by your fate and its nasty bites.

And if you are trying to get back- there is nothing left to fight;

So tell me now, isn’t shadow better than light?

Thats exactly what a false ray of hope can do to life,

Run away my friend, I am trying to save your life.

~Sanjana S. Laddha

Light can make as many wicked shadows as it can make the pretty ones.

~Sanjana Laddha.



Your eyes saw this land when they first came to life;

Your nose smelled the fragrance of this sand for the first time;

Your first cry arouse the spirits in the eyes of the villagers by your side;

You took your first steps by gaining the strength from the winds, which once blew gayly in this sunshine;

And then, inch by inch you grew my friend, nurtured in a completely different human race.

But the day you return to this town you once left;

Your soul will find peace even between the chaos of life;

You will dream unconfined even in the prison of your mind;

You will breath like you never lived before and you will sleep like you are the only one left in the world;

You will find your oldmates in the trees and in the birds, chirping to you the song you always sung.

Forgotten roads will lead you to familiar places,

And this place, my friend, will be the only place where you won’t face people but your own life- straight.

And that’s a promise.

~Sanjana Laddha

A piece of you is always left in the place where you belong. You might travel the whole world; but you’ll always find yourself there- in your hometown.

Sanjana Laddha

Have a wonderful day 🙂

Unfinished Lie

Dear Beloved

I am fine. The children are happy too.

The weather is peaceful and bright but we still miss you.

We are having a wonderful time without any trouble;

So you don’t need to worry or struggle.

Life is going good,

We hope to see you soon..

..wrote the soldiers wife, in the dimness of the broken bulb.

The hungry children cried with fear of the thunder- “When will papa return?”

The wife had to hurry back to where her children lay;

To console and make them sleep without any delay..

She sang them a lullaby and slowly closed her eyes,

Leaving behind the Unfinished Letter of lies..

Sanjana Laddha

Some lies are God forgiven.

– Sanjana Laddha

Just trying to do some calligraphy along with the writing part. I hope you enjoy reading. Thank you for the motivation.

The Sunshine Award

Thank you so much @confabler for nominating me for the Sunshine Award. Please check out this creative blogger.
And I really enjoyed answering your questions. Thank you for being so interactive 🙂

My Answers:-

1. If you were to choose an insect that would take over the world after human extinction, who would that be?

■ I would choose honey bees. They are hardworking, patient and very particular about their work. Plus the queen bee has superb leadership qualities. They would be perfect!

2. How old were you when you first read Harry Potter? And your favorite author of course?

■ I dont remember my age exactly but I am a huge potter fan; Complete Potterhead! And I am not used to reading books of just one author.. I like to read different themed books from different authors. Fantasy and mystery are my favourite genre.

3. If you were invisible what is the craziest thing that you would do?

■ I would simply catch trains and planes without getting noticed and completely travel around the world as well as space and freak people out!

4.what food makes you feel like a hungry hyena?

■ All I can think of is “PIZZA”

5. A song that makes you dream?

■ “Counting Stars” by One Republic. The lyrics is just Amazing!

6. Have you ever planted a tree?

■ Yeah, We have done lots of tree plantation activities back in school. Its relieving! Everyone should just try to do it. Plus its fun having a mud fight!

7. Choose your man: superman/ Spiderman/ iron man and if he was your best friend one thing that you would make him do?

■ Superman! He is my childhood crush and I would make him take me to Krypton- His home planet 😝

8.How much time do you spend in front of the mirror everyday?

■ To be honest, I dont bother to look at it until a special occasion is on the way. And if the festive days arrive- If I am lost on the streets, look for me near the rear view mirrors!

9.why you started blogging and tell us about the post enjoyed the most making.

■ I enjoyed writing since a very small age. I used to make comic books and draw stuff narrating the dialogues. Then slowly, I turned to some serious writing.. And thought of sharing my work! Its fun because people love and relate my writings to their daily lives and I feel very good to interact with people and learn more.

10. Which social media platform are you addicted to (including WordPress)?

■ I am addicted to Everything. “Too social”

Thank you for reading till the end. I hope you enjoy my work. Apologies for incorrect Grammar (if at some places) because I am completely exhausted due to workload. I will soon be posting my new write ups. Happy Hours to you!

The Versatile Award

Thank you so much to the wonderful blogger @allylmare for nominating me for The Versatile Blogger Award. Its a great pleasure.


■Show the award on your blog
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■Share 7 things about yourself.

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My nominations :-

I want to nominate all my favourite blogs but apologies to everyone because I am too bad at tagging the blogs and I am trying to figure how to do it properly.

Seven Things About Me

  • Well, I love sketching and dancing along with writing.
  • I can’t cook. I am not proud of it but can’t help it anyway!
  • Unlike most of the people, I love studying equally. Call me nerdish but thats not what I am.
  • I am a passionate explorer and I plan to travel the world.
  • I believe in superpowers and all the wild crazy movie stuff.
  • For me, Food = Pizza!
  • I dont know myself good enough even to write seven little things 😛

    Thank you for reading it so far.. My Best Wishes to Everyone!

    It Won’t Last Longer

    The last time you felt your heart break;

    And the last time you caught the smile that you fake;

    The last time you crowned your hair;

    And the last time you were treated unfair;

    The last time you burnt your fears in fire;

    And the last time you were treated as a liar;

    The last time you were tearing apart;

    And the last time you were honoured like a piece of Art;


    The last time wasn’t the last;
    So, dont wonder why it ended so fast.

    Because after every dreadly storm,

    You will be reborn.

    ~ Sanjana Laddha

    Give yourself a chance to change the “last” of the “last time.”

    ~Sanjana Laddha